An age old argument that could go on forever.  Well, just in case an of you gave a toss what I think then here is my dot point summary I made on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne:

  1. Sydney weather is better;
  2. Melbourne sport is better;
  3. Melbourne gambling is better;
  4. Melbourne client’s are more polite;
  5. Sydney client’s are naughtier (not always a good thing but sometimes fun);

There is always a competition between me and Bella Wu as to who is the “Australian University Biggest Whore”.  I think Bella Wu takes the trophy in that competition.  Love you sister!

But – The overall winner is Sydney because sex work is legal and Victoria needs to catch up!

I will be in Melbourne for at least the next couple of weeks so please give me a call or send me a message when you are ready to book, 

Amy Wu Escort xxx

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