So, depending how long some of you have known me you may remember I had an advertisement titled “Monash University’s Biggest Whore”.  Well, it was very popular and gave me a lot of insight into what men really want.  Ha Ha.

My sexual genius aside, I just wanted to let everyone know where the idea came from.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t the genius behind it.  It was my sexual nemesis and best friend Bella Wu in Sydney.  That’s her story and for better or worse she knew I was struggling and she just told me to use it.  A little editing and after changing every reference to something in Sydney to something in Melbourne I was up and away.  I was soon to become Monash University’s Biggest Whore and I hope I have done all of my alumni proud.

I’ve moved onto something a little more conservative for now but you never know when the University whore in me will return.

Thank you so much Bella Wu and I can’t wait for you to visit Melbourne again so we can have some more Lesbian fun an make some more naughty videos!

Amy Wu Escort xxx

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